Health Care Coverage

 Do You Need Help With Health Care?

Find Great Insurance Coverage

You can find great coverage at reasonable prices. Health Alliance, for instance, provides a great coverage plan that would be convenient for you. Even if you don't have Health Alliance or are looking for an insurance provider, be sure to look for one that will fit your needs.
Health care

About Copay Insurance Plans

  • Requires a set fee for office visits with no copay for preventive care visits to your Preferred Network doctor
  • Cover 100% of your history and exam costs after copayment (subject to all policy provisions)
  • Usually includes prescription drug card benefits

Contracted Insurance Plans

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Caterpillar
  • Health Alliance
                     *PPO & HMO plan
  •  Humana
                     *PPO & HMO plan
                     *Humana Medicare plans
  • United Healthcare: *Includes MEDICARE advantage plans
  • Methodist First Choice: *Many different employer groups are included. Please check with your insurance.
  • Medicare: *We do accept assignment

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

  • Blue Cross
  • State Farm
  • Health Alliance
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