Nutritional & Metabolic Disorder

Get Yourself Tested for Nutritional and Metabolic Disorders

What Is Metabolism?

Your metabolism is the chemical process that your body uses to transform the food you eat into the fuel that you need to keep you alive.
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Metabolic Disorders

A metabolic disorder can occur when the metabolism process fails and causes the body to have either too much or too little of the essential substances needed for you to stay healthy. Call Endocrine & Diabetes SC to schedule an appointment. Discuss with us your problems and we'll provide you with quality care.

We'll do our best to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatment for your nutritional disorder. Do keep in mind that copays are due at the time of service. Call us today! You can also request an appointment online!
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A metabolic disorder can happen if certain organs stop functioning properly and mutations occur in metabolism-related genes. We will do our best to provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your condition and treatment.
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